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My Parking Sensors are making strange beeps
If your parking sensors are making strange beeps when you activate them, this is normally their way of telling you something is wrong.
With Meta Parking sensors, as soon as you enable them, you should get a beep , from there, they will either work normally or give you a combination of high and low pitched tones.

The most common message is that a sensor is faulty, this will be a Low BOOP tone, followed by a number of BEEPS, count these beeps, this identifies the sensor that is faulty/disconnected.

Rear Meta Parking sensors should be connected so that the Left outer sensor is 1, Left Inner 2, Right Inner 3, Right Outer 4 so if you get 3 beeps after a BOOP, then sensor 3 is fault/disconnected.

The Correct ordering of the plugs on the ActivePark4 system is Blue-1, Yellow-2, White-3, Black-4 This is assuming that they have been installed as per the instruction guide.

 Last updated Fri, Feb 12 2016 11:56am

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