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Voice Dialling won't work
If you find that you are unable to get voice dialling to work, it is likely due to a setting on your phone. 

The kit works as a gateway to your phone, so when you press the voice dialling button, it sends a command to the phone to initiate the voice dialling.

If your phone has a voice dialling feature (as most do) you may need to enable it, in the case of some Android devices, you may also need to go into the Bluetooth settings on the phone and tell it that the Metavoice can use the voice dialling function.

As the methods to doing the above may vary, we are unable to give you instructions on how to do the above, but if you search google with your phone model name/number and the term "enable voice dialling" google should find you a guide/instructions.

 Last updated Sat, Feb 6 2016 1:21pm

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